Eagle Scout Honors the Memory of His Older Brother with Fundraising Effort

Almost 20 years ago, the very first Ryan’s Lion was passed on to a young couple who were courageously facing a race against time. Baby Devin had been born with a congenital heart defect, and his parents spent every available moment being near him. Devin’s life was short–he lived only three weeks. But in that time, and in the months and years since his death, his presence has continued to impact the lives of hundreds of people.

After Devin’s death, his heartbroken parents somehow found the courage to carry on. And just a few years later, Devin’s younger brother, Michael was born. Recently, Michael and his family spearheaded a fundraising effort, part of Michael’s Eagle Scout Project, with the goal of providing dozens of Ryan’s Lions to other grieving parents. Through Michael’s efforts, bereavement counselors at local hospitals will soon begin distributing Ryan’s Lions to parents who have lost an infant. Not only was Michael’s project a unique way to honor Devin’s memory, it also helped assure that Ryan’s Lions will continue to be available to those who need them most.

After canvassing his neighborhood in search of support, Michael was able to organize a fundraiser complete with concessions, (including lots of BLUE cotton candy and snow cones), family games, a balloon launch, and a booth to help raise awareness about what the Ryan’s Lion Organization accomplishes. Michael’s local fire department was on hand to hose down hot participants, and Michael was able to donate his first 5 Ryan’s Lions to the fire department to be used to comfort children in emergency situations or who are victims or witnesses of domestic violence.

With help from Michael and others, The Ryan’s Lion Organization is able to continue our effort to bring courage and comfort to those who are struggling with a difficult challenge. Thanks Michael!

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