Matthew’s Story

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Twenty two years ago, my third child was born unexpectedly seven weeks early at UVRMC. His name is Matthew, which means “Gift of God.” His stay was only a few weeks in the NICU, but a roller-coaster since we didn’t live very close. The fear of not knowing what will happen is very real and discouragement can set in. If this is your first experience in a NICU, it can be a strange place.

Since there are many caregivers for your baby, different personalities and communication skills become apparent, which can be frustrating. Unfortunately we are told many “worse case scenarios,” because it is required, but they can’t change your faith.  Do not give up – feel free to ask questions, as many times as you need to. There is always somebody available to help. Get enough sleep – you need it! Please also remember the staff truly loves these precious babies; it is much more than just a “job” for them.

Matthew? Well, he is a wonderful happy young man with many talents. His childhood was difficult due to chronic illness, but that was OK because he was here and worth it!

-Pat U. Mother of Matthew

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