Reaching Out to Families in Sandy Hook

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The Ryan’s Lion Organization, and Ryan’s family all express our deepest sorrow for the families of victims in the Sandy Hook, Connecticut shootings. We have felt that it might be appropriate to do something for these families, but because families are already inundated with gifts, we have decided to set up a donation of Ryan’s Lions that will go to another children’s organization in honor of the children who died in the Sandy Hook incident.

If you are interested in contributing the cost of a Ryan’s Lion that will be donated to a support group that passes on a Ryan’s Lion to a child who has been a witness to or a victim of domestic violence, we are in need of funding to make it possible to contribute 15 lions to this organization. To contribute, simply purchase a “Ryan’s Lion” and under “order comments,” type a note letting us know you would like to donate the lion in memory of one of the victims in Sandy Hook. Or, you can contact us by clicking the link at the right to send us an email requesting more information.

Thank You

Ryan’s Lion Organization

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